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NSI is an Inspection Company for Asset Services, & a leading provider of inspections. We do Commercial, Shopping Centers, Industrial, Medicl buildings, & Home; 
asset; proof of residency, bankruptcy, what ever the need is. 
Appraisers we inspect and clarify issues not seen with the naked eye using infrared.
No matter who or what you do, you may find a need for our services.
Call us so we can help you be a better professional at what you do.
Commercial Property Inspections, Residential Property Inspections, Mobile Home, Occupancy Inspections, Determinations Inspections, Asset Audits, Foreclosure Inspections, Broker Price Opinions (BPO), Construction Draw Inspections, Merchant Site Inspections, Roof, Structure, Siding Inspections, Compliance (203k) Inspections
Insurance Loss Inspections, Property Preservation
Also inspections for Contractors 
we do thermal imaging inspections for structual, moisture, piping, etc. 
issues that may come up to clarify the problems.

North State Inspections: 
NSI Field Services will accurately inspect the field asset or property accurately. Our asset inspection services will be completed based on client or asset managers needs at various stages of the project. NSI provides cost-effective, real-time asset inspection services for lenders, investors and owners. Our services include REO properties, foreclosures and special inspections.. NSI provides professional crews specializing in asset inspection. We partner with mortgage servicers, banks & financial institutions, real-estate agents, attorneys, portfolio managers, construction firms, and home builders. Onsite offers real-time reports from the field. Asset inspection services coverage area, nationwide. Engineering Survey, Analysis and Inspection.
NSI is familiar with locating and applying industry experts to special projects. From site review and selection to structural analysis, integrity of property we have worked with and established reliable relationships with trusted professionals, 
as well as performing inspections in west coast region.
NSI is a loss control company is the most widely used inspection management platform with over 19 loss control inspection companies in the US and Canada. We build our software for one thing: Insurance Inspections. Scroll down to see how our web-based inspection management platform can cut costs, lower time service, and provide better reports.

Property Types
Multifamily - Office Buildings - Retail Malls and Shopping Centers - Industrial Properties - Healthcare Facilities - Hospitality Facilities - Assisted Living Facilities - Daycare Centers - Storage Facilities - Residential - Land
We Visually Inspect
Anything, Anywhere For You...

NSI offers the highest level of quality & communication within the industry, with some of the best pricing. Due to our ability to inspect from local inspectors. 
Our low overhead & professional systems of inspection 
ordering is customized to your needs, we are able to pass large savings onto our clients.

An NSI inspection report provides the detailed information you need in the delivery format you need it. Backed by our total quality commitment and powered by the most advanced systems in the industry, you can be 
confident that we deliver a closer look with a product step above with clear photos 
and professional inspection services you can count on.