Service & Fees
are negotiable
depending on circumstance
North State Inspections
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Owned By: Jim & Janet Bowline
An interNACHI Company DBA N.S.I.
Fees can be negotiated
There are different types of fees. One is minimum fee of show up $50.00 this is for contractors or thermal imaging for finding leaks or electrical problems for one hour. The regular fee for this type of inspection minimum of $115.00 up to $550.00 dollars. Industrial, farms etc. is an esitimate. Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Second fee is a building inspection minimum of $115.00 to $125 dollars for photos only 60 photos or more. Building fees may vary due to location, age, and size of home. Please contact us for exact fee for your inspection. We charge mileage 15 miles or more from Redding at .58 per mile, photos only we charge $0.60 per mile. Rural homes can be subject to mileage, according to 4 wheel drive or not. Average fee is $315 to $650.
There is an age factor in pricing, also if the home is occupied. 
Call us for actual quote.
We have a calculator that takes in age and sq.ft. of home.
Minimum fee is lower depending on what you choose. 
Standard Fee PDF or written copy approx. 24 hours
Certified Home Inspection Approx.: 
901 TO 1200 SQUARE FEET$350
1201 TO 1800 SQUARE FEET$395
1801 TO 2500 SQUARE FEET$450
2501 TO 3000 SQUARE FEET$490
3001 TO 4000 SQUARE FEET$.13 per sq.ft. by NSI calculator
Also know the location, age, & sq.ft. is taken in 
consideration on prices of any inspection.
Paint Lead Test $25.00
Radon Test $225.00 to $350.00 depends on where.
Extras $0.14 per Sq.Ft. 
Out Buildings Extra
$115.00 Minimum
All industrial inspections require a quote from seeing and 
checking what needs an inspection.
Our prices may be more than most yet look what I incorporate. You are getting the best report possible, with my experience in contracting and actually seeing flaws and/or defects. Which Includes:

We give a 3 to 4 hour home inspection on average;
Full-color home inspection report, printed and/or emailed (download a report); over 40 images some inspections as many as 80 photos and/or photos of your inspection; All kinds of defects... ranging from moisture intrusion to foundation problems, anything that is a visible problem at the time. Look on my sample inspection.
Certified Inspection Report/ Photos; Infrared Certified Inspection; Home Energy Score; Home Energy Report & we include a homeowners newsletter along 
with a home maintenance book. 
We also have $10,000 Honor Guarantee; and 
We have a Buy Your Home Back Guarantee available. 
Closer Look Inspection 
It's Well Worth it

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI
Have me call you.
Fees & Services
Homes - Commercial - Industrial- Manufacturing - Rances or Farms - Piping above or below ground - Electrical lines. We inspect just about anything, also we consult on building plans or remodels. Now you may or may not think our prices are a little higher, if they are it's because we take a closer look and give you quality inspections from years of experience.
My friends please understand our fees are more than the common inspector. Because we are not like most; we are thorough, we take that closer look with infrared, we know the trades, we study, and see things from past encounters or if it does not match commonality we investigate the issue. We always use high end tools & equipment that help us make better decisions. Understand our values are not as the world. Our values are of the honest old fashioned ways where a hand shake means something. We do things like, opening doors for people & we speak with them in respect. we do our best to give our best with integrity. We know life is choices and what you sow is what you reap so we sow good actions & honest things. That way we receive good & honest things back… we live this simple way of life. Most of all we live by the golden rule...

Property Types
Multifamily - Office Buildings - Retail Malls and Shopping Centers - Industrial Properties - Healthcare Facilities - Hospitality Facilities - Assisted Living Facilities - Daycare Centers - Storage Facilities - Residential - Land
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Service & Fees
are negotiable
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