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Jim & Janet Bowline
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Summary of Experience
His experience has been HVACR along with building a few homes and remodeling a few before it was popular. He worked for other companies and had three successful HVACR companies himself. Jim taught HVACR for five tears at a Tech school, he also has completed a Home inspector course NACHI15081014: http://www.nachi.org/ 
He has over 14 certificates of certification, Working on all of certifications more than 40. He has had extensive industrial and heavy commercial experience across the United States & Overseas Contract. As HVACR Contractor he would inspect buildings and equipment for clients who were buying grocery stores, mom & pop stores, cold storages, factories including the office spaces. We check equipment, building structure, insulation, moisture integrity, mold, and many things. So he has had extensive experience this field.

Education & Training 
High School  
Bakersfield High School class of 1963
US Navy
AC&R school
Bakersfield Jr. College 51 credits 1966-1972
HVACR Contractor in Ca. 20 years
Trane A/C School
Manitoc Ice Machine Training
IOT HVACR Instructor
Licenses & Certifications
Calif. Refrigeration Contractor Lic. C-38 (1982 ??)
EPA Certification # .....2942 Jan. 26, 1994
Common Wealth of Kentucky Lic.
Lic. # J11077 Journeyman HVAC
Arkansas Dept of Health HVAC Lic. #7394761 Crd. #1070055
Trac Pipe Certification
Home Inspector
Certification Home Inspector Examination 

Residential Plumbing Overview11/19/2015
How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections10/29/2015 
How to Perform Roof Inspections10/20/2015 
Defect Recognition and Report Writing09/23/2015 
Introduction to InterNACHI's Standards of Practice09/17/2015 
How to Inspect HVAC Systems09/16/2015 
Safe Practices for the Home Inspector09/16/2015 
How to Inspect the Exterior09/11/2015 
Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors09/02/2015 
25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know08/31/2015 
Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior08/27/2015 
Warranty Roof Inspection
We complete at least one more certification per year.

Work experience: 
Several HVACR companies
My Companies
Pro Tech Mechanical
Control Cold Refrigeration
Kodiak Mechanical
Other Companies
Over Seas Contract
Kawajalein Marshal Islands
Army Logistics Space Tracking Station
Centrifugal Chill water systems
Service calls, Installs, Jobs
Bell Ridge Packing Co. 25 ton ice machine for blowing ice into rail cars & chill water bath.
15 Grocery Store installs & Start ups
3 Bank Chill water systems Install & Start up
Frito Lay Plant Kern county Install and start up
Granny Goose Plant Start up
Ever-Ready Cold Storage Start up
Capri Sun Plant Install chill water system first plant
Outback Install & Start up
Ruby Tuesday Install & Start up
Chic Filet Install & Start up
11 WalMart super Centers Installing & Start ups
3 other grocery stores and several quick mart type stores.
3 Hotels
2 Hospitals a/c & refrigeration systems
2 Office Buildings 5 stories or more Install & start up chill water systems
Gates Rubber Company (Belts) Overhaul Centrifugal and service
John Brown University Oklahoma Update schematics and set up a 2 million dollar contract
Swift foods
Butter Ball
Tyson Chicken
Alcoa Aluminum Plant & power generation
Syran Wrap Plant
Jonson & Johnson Plant
8 Power Generation Plants Serviced Ilinois, Kentucky, and Ohio
Official InterNACHI Transcript for James
Bowline (NACHI15081014)
InterNACHI Courses Date Code CE                                            2015 Credits

Infrared Thermography Inspection Training 12/22/2015 EDU-0000-7014-01                  5
Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging 12/21/2015 EDU-0000-7009-79           5
Residential Plumbing Overview 11/19/2015 EDU-0000-6911-56                                    8
How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections 10/29/2015 EDU-0000-6837-54       4
How to Perform Roof Inspections 10/20/2015 EDU-0000-6809-39                                 4
Defect Recognition and Report Writing 09/23/2015 EDU-0000-6726-01                         8
Introduction to InterNACHI's Standards of Practice 09/17/2015 EDU-0000-6708-07      3
How to Inspect HVAC Systems 09/16/2015 EDU-0000-6705-07                                   12
Safe Practices for the Home Inspector 09/16/2015 EDU-0000-6703-79                          4
How to Inspect the Exterior 09/11/2015 EDU-0000-6689-86                                          16
Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors 09/02/2015 EDU-0000-6663-91                               1
25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know 08/31/2015 EDU-0000-6657-31                  5
Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior 08/27/2015 EDU-0000-6645-04                       14

                                                                                                        2015 Credit Total: 89
Qualifications & Certificates