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  Please understand there is a lot of information on this website to inform you of how, what, where of an inspection. Be patient when clicking on a page it may take time in downloading because of a lot of content. We want to alert, instruct, or coach you on inspections. So be curious take a good look at this site, read & watch videos, this site can be very informative. If you encounter mistakes or problems please email me.
  If you are looking for any type of inspection like No Contact, Draw, Mortgage, or Insurance inspection then you are at the right place. We also do pipe & electrical line inspections. NSI will perform the most thorough inspection that you can receive, provide a closer look & the best service for all inspections. We use the latest technology in Thermal Imaging, soooo look no further, you came to the right place! Or if you need help in planning your new construction or remodel know Jim has over 35 years in the trades plus certifications of home inspections. Understand we know things like moisture intrusions, structural issues, simple things like when a carpenter cuts plywood, does he reseal the cut to resist moisture, will he treat it?

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Bankers & Mortgage Company
NSI is an Inspection Company for Asset Services, & a leading provider of inspections. We do Home or commercial; asset; proof of residency, bankruptcy, etc. Also inspections for
Contractors we do thermal imaging inspections for structual, moisture, piping, etc. issues that may come up to clarify the problems.
Appraisers we inspect and clarify issues not seen with the naked eye...
No matter who or what you do, you may find a need for our services.
Call us so we can help you be a better professional at what you do.
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We inspect all of the west coast & 
Local: 150 mile radius or more, 
we can complete the job, with a closer look; 
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