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North State Inspections
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​Our mission is to provide professional, accurate, & high quality Inspections of Property, Building Integrity,  or Equipment in preservation for Home Owners, Commercial & Industrial Properties, Service & Construction Contractors, ABA, Field Service Management - Field Asset Services - Loan Servicer - Real Estate Asset Management Companies - Field Asset Inspection Companies, REO services for the mortgage field service/default asset management industry, anyone who requires or has a need of an inspection. We are a cut above, giving a closer look with infrared cameras and high tech equipment/tools. Along with a vast amount of experience, over 40 years. We serve with honor & integrity. Note: We also provide a Team for short sale investors or flippers.
Home - Commercial - Manufacturing - Industrial - Piping - Electrica
Quality Inspections For Every Need Even - Bank Draws
Bankers, Mortgage Holders, Insurance:
Drive By, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, REO Verification, Occupancy Verification, Monthly
Bi-eekly/Weekly, 1,2,3 Contact Attempts, Fannie Mae Form #30, Damage, Disaster, Interview, Insurance, Sales Date, Loss Draft, Gain Access, Vacant, Walk Thru, What ever is needed...
Commercial - Industrial- Home
All Types of Inspections Meeting Every Need
North State Inspections

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